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Government Polytechnic college Manjeri was established by the Government of Kerala in the year 2016 as part of a proposal raised by THS Manjeri. Our far sight vision is to Import technical education and there by uplift the students into higher levels. The college has come to existence as a center for academic excellence in engineering programmes.The college provides quality education in major disciplines like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering.

Students are trained for technical skills with practical experience along with sound theoretical bases. We have all the Lab facilities needed for the completion of the course including ICFC and digital library. We have smart classroom where students are introduced to visual learning or technology visited learning which would gradually bring professionalism in the students.


Government polytechnic college Manjeri is obligated to emerge as a unique institute of excellence by imparting technical education through highly qualified and dedicated faculty and to disseminate the state of the art of practical training to update current trends to create globally competent and socially committed technician.


All the Online classes (including SITTTR online classes) will be upload in our college you tube channel, kindly watch and subscribe Click Here

We have lauched MOODLE platform to develop learning resources to students Click Here


We strive to excel in moulding eminent technicians for our society to achieve global standards and recognition


പുതിയ അക്കാദമിക്ക് ബ്ലോക്കിന്റെയും വർക്ക് ഷോപ്പ് ബ്ലോക്കിന്റെയും ശിലാസ്ഥാപനം

ഗവൺമെന്റ് പോളിടെക്നിക്ക് കോളേജിൽ പുതിയ അക്കാദമിക്ക് ബ്ലോക്കിന്റെയും വർക്ക് ഷോപ്പിന്റെയും ശിലാസ്ഥാപനം ബഹു. മുഖ്യമന്ത്രി പിണറായി വിജയൻ നിർവഹിച്ചു. ഉന്നത വിദ്യാഭ്യാസമന്ത്രി K T ജലീൽ അദ്ധ്യക്ഷത നിർവഹിച്ചു. അഡ്വക്കറ്റ് എം. ഉമ്മർ എം എൽ എ ശിലാഫലകം അനാച്ഛാദനം ചെയ്തു....


" MOODLE" platform & Official College YOu Tube Channel

We have launched "MOODLE" Plaform to develop learning resources to student for craeting effective online learning. It is available at "moodle.gptcmanjeri.in". All the SITTTR online classes are available on our official You tube channel "Government Polytechnic College Manjeri".....Kindly Subscribe and Watch us on YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram page.....



Government Polytechnic College Manjeri is one of the most prestigious and reputed technical institutions in Kerala. The college was established in the year 2016 with diploma programmes in Civil, Mechanical and Instrumentation engineering. The focus of the college is to empower students with knowledge and skills to make them socially committed designers and fit for highly competitive ...